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Winnie The Pooh/A.A.Milne

The Peotron offers a unique experience, enabling children to access the magical world of children's literature.
Sensations and experiences that are encapsulated within the stories are conveyed through a wealth of creative means, involving music, color, and tone, thereby infusing fun, enrichment and imaginative exploration into each and every encounter.
The Peotron offers:

Isrealis Abroad:
Israeli families situated abroad for long periods often feel a growing disconnection from Hebrew manifested in their children, specifically when Hebrew comes to serve merely as a functional mediator for oral interaction, and ceases being the language of tales and narratives. By inviting us to your community, we can help change this progressive withdrawal from the intimacy of Hebrew. We offer multiple-day workshops that can foster an experiential, pictorial and narrative bonding with Hebrew at an early age.
Activities can include presenting and dramatizing a Hebrew book, focused around a pre-decided theme or a forthcoming religious festival. We can also help you set up an up-to-date Hebrew library at home.

Theatre-story classes:
Once a week, we will visit the kindergarten, presenting a theatrical experience revolving around a story. The same storyteller will hold all of these meetings-important for diminishing anxiety levels in some children-which will be age-specific sessions and, when possible, related to upcoming religious festivals. We also hold a meeting with interested parents prior to the class.

Travelling the world:
"Travelling the world" is a truly magical series of activities-appropriate to 4-7 year olds-in which we will imaginatively tour different regions of the world. We will experience the sounds, tastes and scents of unfamiliar places: in Spain we will dance flamenco, in Japan we shall watch shadow-puppetry, in France we will enjoy mime, and in Brazil we shall taste local chocolate. Local tales and folklore of each country will be theatrically narrated to the children.

Mediating parent-child activities:
We coordinate workshops in which parents interact with children around selected stories:
•A workshop on the kindergarten's library around a book/story/tale selected by the teacher.
•Festivals: Chanuka, Shavuot.
•End-of-year parties.
•Family day

We offer exciting and unique birthdays focused on a theatrical experience. The theme is tailor-made to the child's age and interests. After choosing a story, we interview the child, turning him/her into an active coordinator of the projected activity. The party itself begins with a presentation of this theatricalized story, in which the birthday child dons a costume and becomes a protagonist in the play (e.g. the birthday can be thematically related to an exotic country and the birthday-child acts as a leader of that country). We then coordinate numerous non-competitive birthday activities, including drama and imagination games.

Fun-days at work:
When summer schools are no longer an option, and the summer vacation is not finished, we suggest fun-days, in which we will entertain children at the workplace. Parents are able to mostly carry on in their work, and also to interact with their children in some segments of the day. Call us, and we will tailor-make the day suitable to your workplace.